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I'm 20.Gemini. facts about me ask some questions.. [CliffHanger],,NSFW


Dear God, thank you for her. 🙏

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these two are the world to me. my man and my child. it gets no better.

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Her: babe, let me ride it….

Me: get yo ass up there then… [slaps butt]

Her: i dont know whats wrong, baby..i-i just cant do it.

Me: take your time, its ok.

Her: ok, ok…

Her: i just cant do it…it keeps slipping out. im so sorry, baby. i look so foolish up here.

Me: ssshhhh ssshhh its fine. cmon, lets just take a nap.

Her: you sure?

Me: im sure, baby. cmere.

Me: [becomes the big spoon]

Me: [leans towards her ear]



……hail TMG